At ClassiCon you will only find innovative design furniture that expresses the courage to depart from familiar ground. Every piece of furniture contains the same design spirit. Some of the pieces carry big names and each can look back on a proud design history. Sometimes over several decades or even an entire century. Others, however, are only at the beginning of writing their own big stories at ClassiCon.

ClassiCon considers the task to accompany and enable a multitude of such stories. For this purpose, ClassiCon is continuously expanding the partner network. The brand engages in intensive dialogs with international designers, often young and unknown. Local craft businesses that bring design ideas to life through their skills and expertise play an equally important role for ClassiCon. Through the production methods, they aim to bring the craftsmanship and wealth of experience to light and secure its future.

The vision of ClassiCon

Design, functionality and quality at the highest level plus a good amount of emotion; that’s what it's all about at ClassiCon. The vision of the brand is; furniture design that convinces and accompanies people through their lives, something reliable and creative that is used and appreciated.

Classics and contemporary design furniture

The concept and the composition of the brand name ClassiCon are oriented towards the suspenseful relationship between classics and contemporary design. Juxtaposing the design of the collection from the beginning of the 20th century with that of the past several years. The contemporary feel of the classics and timelessness of the new designs become evident. As you might tell; which piece was created this century and which was created in the past century?