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Ligne Roset 

Nexclusives usually has a large collection of mainly (vintage) Ligne Roset furniture in stock. Because our sales consist mainly of used Ligne Roset togo's we can almost always find a fitting solution to our customers' needs.


For 160 years, Ligne Roset furniture has been synonymous with elegance, demonstrating unique expertise in the field of high-end furniture « made in France ». Today, brimming with inspiration, the greatest talents in contemporary design have come together with Ligne Roset to create a complete collection of armchairs, settees, decorative items, lighting, rugs...both sober and audacious, this resolutely contemporary furniture describes a way of living “à la française”.

Each piece of furniture and each object is manufactured in the Ligne Roset factories in the Ain and Isère regions, in which we have been based since 1860. With a commitment to sustainable development, they monitor both the quality and the environmental impact of the used materials, whilst drawing on the expertise of exceptional craftsmen, which is the best possible guarantee of the quality of Ligne Roset.

Ligne Roset history

Founded in 1860, the French furniture company is building on over a century and a half of history to foster a spirit of innovation in technology and manufacturing, not to mention design. Today, a holistic understanding of sustainability – encompassing everything from the design process to green manufacturing and employee wellness – is at the forefront of Ligne Roset’s mandate, with the company drawing on its storied past as a wellspring of continued evolution.

In the 19th century, Ligne Roset’s roots were set down when Antoine Roset and his son Emile began a small business manufacturing walking sticks, umbrellas and chair frames. By 1950, the growing family business set its sights on contract furniture, before taking on the residential market a decade later, all under the leadership of Antoine’s grandson Jean.

Ligne Roset as we know it today began in 1973. That year saw both the introduction of the Ligne Roset brand name, as well as the launch of Michel Ducaroy’s iconic Togo sofa. The elegantly – and slightly audaciously – unstructured form’s pillowy softness lends it an instantly recognizable presence that still draws the eye with an air of unbridled joy. Michel Ducaroy’s 1973 Togo sofa remains a timeless classic.

​In 2020, the Togo lives on as a full collection of seating – ranging from discrete ottomans and fireside chairs to a showpiece sofa. While the design remains faithful to Ducaroy’s vision, the Togo is now manufactured in a cutting-edge facility that prioritizes recycling, low emissions and non-toxic materials, as well as workplace wellness for Ligne Roset’s factory employees.