Meet the collections of Longhi. It represents the essence of Italian contemporary design furniture. A mix of modern chic sofas, decorative doors and furnishing complements designs and handcrafted for maximum comfort, functionality and decorative statements.

Comfort, functionality and a design vision of Longhi

The core focus of Longhi products is mainly contemporary living. While mindful of changes in taste, the manufacturing roots run deep. The variety of Longhi items is the result of a consistent global corporate strategy that addresses every aspect of the production process. From prototype development and applied technology to customer service and communication, that’s what it's about at Longhi. The catalogs are regularly updated with products that reflect the values of a clear design philosophy: comfort and functionality first, followed by a design vision.

Every Longhi piece gets an exclusive value

An outstanding tradition of craftsmanship, the use of precious materials and the ongoing research into continuous evolution: these values always stand out in a creation by Longhi. Focus on detail works in concert with the use of exclusive materials and highly trained craftsmen. Passion and elegance go hand in hand in harmonious combinations. Each piece of Longhi is handmade and often also made-to-measure. Inspections are carried out on each item to ensure the highest quality standard and give every piece a unique and exclusive value.

100% made in Italy

The Loveluxe collection stands for a tradition of precious handcraftsmanship. Elegance and refinement come to life when a designer’s creativity merges with the natural features of the raw materials. Skillfully handworked with attention to detail, the simple materials are transformed into unique pieces that are 100% made in Italy.