Stefano Giovannoni launched Qeeboo in 2016. The Italian design brand empowers self-expression with creativity. The narrative objects from Qeeboo are a result of a design culture that combines thought, vision and emotion. The purpose of bringing individuals into worlds in which they feel free to reconnect with their creative side. Qeeboo wants to give meaning to people’s everyday spaces.


The style of Qeeboo products

The twist of pop, wonder and culture are combined into Qeeboo’s creations. The style of each individual brings originality to the environment and raises a sense of surprise. The brand is maintaining a rigorous attention to detail and final high-quality. Qeeboo products give a soul to its creations with the aim of awakening individuals’ emotions, imagination and creativity. This distinguishes it from the classic design as it focuses on innovative vision between objects, people and spaces, that combines reality with fantasy.


The start of Qeeboo

Qeeboo was born in 2016 by its founder Stefano Giovannoni. As an interior, industrial designer and architect his vision is clear. Stefano graduated at the University of Architecture in Florence where he both lectured and researched. Collaborating is part of the job of Stefano with big companies such as PepsiCo, Seiko, Siemens and many others.


A distinctive innovation

At Qeeboo they are constantly oriented to develop new products, optimize processes, work with different materials and continuously improve the technologies. Developing sophisticated products such as the chairs realized with gas-assisted injection molding or big sculptural objects by which the rotational molding technology finds its highest expression. For example the Giraffe in Love, with her 2,65 meters high or Kong XL are unique products developed to allow our company to reach a large number of people with prices that suit every budget.


Qeeboo is 100% made in Italy

Qeeboo certifies all outdoor products with an IP65. The high grade of protection against atmospheric agents is perfect. Moreover, Qeeboo is the only company in the world that succeeded to metalize polyethylene products manufactured through the rotational molding technique, endowing them with the appeal of the chromium plated metal finish. The metallization and the flocking are not realized in series but one by one, by precision and care of the best artisans. Craftsmanship, supporting a lively assembly chain that is 100% made in Italy is the power of Qeeboo.


Qeeboo has a high quality standard

All Qeeboo creations are realized respecting high quality production standards and functionality, specifically aimed at resisting both in outdoor and indoor spaces for a lifetime. Among the benefits, the production of polyethylene is characterized by the advantage of using fewer resources over other plastics. It is also less harmful as it does not contain chemicals such as plasticizers and - most importantly - it can be completely (100%) recycled.