GUFRAM Broken Mirror

Sale price€7.000,00

This project was born out of the collaboration between Gufram, an Italian design brand known for its experiments, and Snarkitecture, a New York duo that explores the relationship between art and architecture in a way similar to the Italian designers of the sixties and seventies. The reflective surface is surrounded by a frame of soft polyurethane, something Gufram is quite well known for, and the shape of this mirror creates a contrast with its surroundings. It also reflects the surrounding space, making it unique in its own right. The mirror itself is the primary element, serving its traditional purpose of reflecting the world that surrounds it, but also creating a parallel world. This effect has been cleverly achieved with a polyurethane frame that is made by hand to ensure that each piece of art is a unique one. Further detail has been added using Guflac paint - patented by Gufram - which gives an impression similar to leather yet allows flexibility. This allows even more room to explore the aesthetics associated with this remarkable project.

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks