ARFLEX Deep Cradle Sofa

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Deep Cradle Sofa is a sofa created by Neri&Hu for the Arflex brand in 2020. The sofa is part of the Cradle series, which is distinguished by modern design in an Italian style.

Deep Cradle is a two-seater sofa with comfortable seat cushions and generous proportions, a metal frame, and a decorative leather band that wraps around the backrest and frame. Designed with a variety of materials and its tasteful details, the Deep Cradle Sofa looks equally good whether you view it from the front, side or back. Choose from a variety of lacquered colors on the metal base and discover our wide variety of upholstery.

We only show a selection of the finishes available. For further information on other versions, please contact our customer service.

Size: 220W x 80H x 97D
Material: Fabric

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks