ARFLEX Diva Screen F.F.F

Sale price€3.645,00

The Diva Screen F.F.F room divider, created by Arflex in 2013, consists of three panels with a width of 58 cm and a height of 150 cm. It easily separates a room and divides it into two and is perfect when you want to hide the clutter in your home. Diva Screen has a frame made of the environmentally friendly material poplar plywood. The frame is surrounded by soft polyurethane with a fabric cover, which creates a soft feeling in the room and acts as a sound absorber.

In Nordiska Galleriet you will find the Diva Screen room divider with several combinations of screens in different sizes, making it easy to adapt it to your needs. This version comes in the fabric Scalino 52. If you are interested in a second version that we offer on our website, please contact our customer support team.

Size: 174 W x 150 H x 6 D

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks