ARFLEX Ponti Desk Wenge

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The Ponti Desk was created by the Swedish design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune for Arflex in 2010. The desk has a style with straight and clear lines, inspired by the simple, solid construction bridges are made of. The design trio behind Ponti Desk was also inspired, as the name suggests, by the work of the famous Italian architectural designer Gió Ponti.

Pontidesk is a genuine craft made from the African wood wenge, known for its beautiful chocolate brown color and vibrant grain. With its simple, attractive shapes, the Ponti Desk fits into any interior setting. The desk has plenty of working space and room to store items such as a desk lamp, books, and photographs. The desk has a practical pull-out drawer with plenty of storage space. Ponti Desk also works well as a side table where you can place decorative furnishings such as plants, ornaments, or larger table lamps.

Material: Wenge

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