ARTISAN Bloop coffee table

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A symmetry with a twist defines a union, a harmonious pair of coffee tables. Functional order has been accomplished by way of diverse elements, variations of circular forms bound in a dynamic structure, visually intriguing and fluctuating. They adapt to use like circles interact in water: they overlap, touch, grow distant. Each part of the pair is composed of two circular wooden planes of a smooth upper part, a curved lower part, connected by a vertical element of a circular section, bound together but detached from the centre of the circles. The coffee tables differ in height and size of the circles, in variations suited to use and possibilities of creating desired combinations. Identical material for all the segments and the soft junctions transitioning into one another are what make the elements and the whole evoke organic beauty and symmetry of nature. The Bloop coffee table, the perfect centre of events, calls for relaxed company. Different combinations can adapt to the number of users and the general mood, contributing to the atmosphere with serene lines and content.
Size (cm): 40x45
Material: American walnut

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks