ARTISAN Hanny chair

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The Artisan Hanny Dining Chair is a design by Artisan, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian brand originated as a traditional woodworking shop, and their love for wood remains at the core of their work today. This is clearly evident in the Hanny Dining Chair, which is part of the Hanny collection. This collection features various pieces of furniture, all sharing a common element – the solid wood from which they are crafted.

The minimalist design of the Hanny Dining Chair accentuates the beauty of the natural material. The color tones and grain of the wood vary with each piece of furniture, making each chair unique. Artisan remains true to traditional craftsmanship, blending manual work with modern technologies to create exquisite furniture. The Hanny chair showcases beautiful details such as the wood joinery between the leg and the seat. The organically shaped seat provides both sturdiness and comfort, complemented by the gently curved backrest, making it an ideal dining chair design.
Material: American walnut
Seat: Wooden seat

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