ARTISAN Hanny dining table

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The Artisan Hanny Dining Table is a design by Artisan and part of the Hanny collection. Artisan is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, originally a traditional woodworking workshop. Their love for wood continues to be central to their work today, evident in the Hanny collection, which consists of various pieces of furniture, all crafted from solid wood.

The design is characterized by its minimalist styling, emphasizing the beauty of the natural material. The color tones and grain of the wood vary in each piece of furniture, making each table unique. Artisan combines craftsmanship with innovative technologies to create the most beautiful furniture, staying true to traditional craftsmanship. The Hanny Dining Table features exquisite details such as the wood joints between the legs and the tabletop.
Size (cm): 120x80x76
Material: Ash

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks