Artisan Insert lamp

Sale price€1.130,00

Wood and metal create a hot-and-cold, light-and-dark contrast, connected into a dynamic line structure, finalised with the element of the essential function: light. Light is enveloped and streamlined by way of a steel cloak in the form of a truncated cone attached to a wooden stand, the line it glides along, changing the height and angle of the ray of light. Legs of a seemingly irregular rhythm guarantee the structure’s stability: set at different heights and under different angles, they complete a harmonious outline. The segment junction is highlighted by an insert: a metal cloak enwrapping the ramification point, creating added colour dynamics, resorting to contrasts to accentuate the refinement of materials and the meticulous logic of construction. A body of a shifted rhythm evokes movement, intrigues with its appearance, it changes according to the time of the day, if needed it lets light dominate. The slender silhouette takes very little space, but captures a lot of attention with the beauty of form, sufficiently playful and intimate for living spaces and quite satisfactorily dignified for offices.

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks