Artisan Latus leather desk

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The Artisan Latus Leather Desk is a design by Salih Teskeredžić, an internationally renowned designer from Bosnia. The design is part of the Latus collection, which features various pieces of furniture all characterized by the use of solid wood. Artisan, originally a traditional woodworking company, has a strong affinity for wood. Each piece of furniture at the Bosnian brand is largely handcrafted, including the Latus Leather Desk. The combination of craftsmanship with new technologies is what makes Artisan and its furniture unique.

Despite the solid material, the Latus Leather Desk appears very elegant due to its minimalist design with rounded corners and edges. The tapered legs add even more elegance to the desk and create an airy appearance. Additionally, as the name suggests, the tabletop is adorned with leather, providing a sense of luxury and making the desk truly unique. With three drawers, the desk offers ample storage space for various necessities such as pens, notebooks, or books.
Size (cm): 140x70x76
Material: American walnut
Leather: Zenith leather

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks