Artisan Naru chair

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A classic form is interpreted by salient playful aesthetics, the composition of materials and the comfort-inducing form. Wood, textile and metal in harmonious and functional proportions create and dynamic balanced overall impression. The chair’s character is highlighted by the impressive backrest design, the oval thinning down towards the edges and transitioning into the armrest. The oval form is accentuated by textile, the upholstered segment providing comfort, a soft backrest in addition to the soft upholstered seat and armrest. The wooden legs are reinforced with metal parts at armrest junctures. The entire unit is a grid with ergonomically considered surfaces inserted – with character. Comfort meets character; this is what the Naru chair brings to a space. Its sparkling aesthetics is what makes it work individually, whereas a series of chairs creates an intriguing entity. To living spaces it provides comfort and idiosyncratic aesthetics, and in offices it inspires safety with its structural strength. Pleasantly conspicuous.
Material: American walnut

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