Artisan Neva lounge high chair

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A membrane attuned to comfortable sitting and relaxing is the dominant element, soft and ergonomically suited, wrapped in upholstery. The wooden structure follows the collection’s idiosyncratic signature lines, visually and functionally balanced. The curving lines envelop the upholstered membrane and penetrate the seating area creating an armrest. The seat design follows the lines defined by the wooden structure, an interplay between the full and the empty, the positive and the negative of a space. The contrast between the materials, wood and upholstery, opens up possibilities for combining and variations of experience in colour and tactility: fabric or leather in the colour of choice are enveloped in the chosen wood tones. An added level of comfort is made possible by joining another element from the collection, the sofa. For resting is a pleasing and important activity. A high level of comfort in a well-measured body makes it possible to create atmospheres by amassing these subtly attractive elements or simply by including them into already defined interiors, creating a sophisticated accent.
Material: American walnut
Seat: Remix 3 Revive 1 Torri Lana fabric seat

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks