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Bell Light is a family of four ceiling lamps designed by Sebastian Herkner in 2013 and produced by ClassiCon. The lamps consist of pendant lamps that can be combined with different materials and shapes on the lampshades. There are four lampshades to choose from, all of which are cone-shaped with different angles. The lampshades are available in several designs. All lampshades can be combined with cylindrical lamp holders, which are also available in several versions. Black silicone coated cable included. The lamps can be housed individually or in larger groups. Light bulbs are not included.

Bell Light is a family of lamps that can be combined for different expressions and settings. The materials in the lamps can be matched or create interesting contrasts to each other.

Variant: Copper shade
Diameter (cm): 29
Color: Brass outlet

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks