CLASSSICON Faubourg rug

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Eileen Gray not only created some of the most iconic 20th century furniture classics but also ran a studio where rugs were produced based on her designs. Some of her most beautiful designs are part of the rug collection by ClassiCon. Based on a gouache by Eileen Gray from the 1920s, Faubourg is the epitome of minimalism: set against a square, natural white background, three simple black lines create an exciting dynamic. Two curved lines provide a reference to Eileen Gray's furniture designs – for example, to the iconic Adjustable Table E1027 – in which circles and curves are recurring motifs. An angled line running along one edge of the rug forms an effective contrast to the circular motif. The name of the Faubourg Rug was inspired by the location of Gray's studio on Rue de Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris.

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