Flauta Spiga Outdoor

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The Flauta Spiga Outdoor lamp is designed by Spanish Patricia Urquiola for Flos. The lamp is designed with inspiration from organs and flutes, as seen in its slender circular shape. Flauta Spiga Outdoor has a delicate carved pattern in the metal that gives an additional dimension to the lamp. The lamp has a round reflector at one fixtures end that catches the light and gives off a beautiful glow. The reflector can easily be moved to either the top or bottom of the lamp depending on the desired effect. Flauta Spiga is available in several beautiful colors and in three different lengths. Flauta Spiga Outdoor is an attractive decoration on both house facades and walls while illuminating its surroundings superbly. Flauta is also available as an indoor lamp and in a model with a straight cut pattern.

Brand Flos
Designer Patricia Urquiola
Hight 22.5 cmcm
Diameter 4,5 cmcm
Effect (W) 12 
Material AAluminum 
Article number 10652698
Height (cm): 22.5
Color.: Anthracite

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