GUFRAM Massolo

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Massolo from the Gufram brand. The designer offers a unique perspective on Massolo, the object that appears to be a durable piece of stone but is in fact made of polyurethane that allows it to be moved quite easily despite its weight. Massolo illustrates one of Gufram's design paradoxes, expressed by a playful object that can be used both as a coffee table and a seating area with personality. Massolo has also attracted the attention of several renowned Italian artists, who have displayed it as a work of art in several different pieces. Designer Piero Gilardi has taken a simple stone and managed to transform it into something unique. Using his keen sense of observation, he has figured out how to polish the material and give it an enormous weight even when handled. In addition, when touched, it has a light and elastic mass, making this an experiment in manipulating perception.

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