IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 1 Outdoor

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The popular IC Lights series designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos is now extended with a series of wall and ceiling lights under the name IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 1 Outdoor. The familiar lamps shapes remain the same, with an opal glass shade balanced on a round rod in either brass, stainless steel, deep brown, black, or burgundy red. However, the materials and technical components differ from their predecessors to meet the requirements of outdoor lighting. IC Lights Ceiling Wall 1 Outdoor is the smaller version whose glass dome measures 20 cm in diameter. If you want the larger version with a 30 cm dome, you will find it under the name IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 2 Outdoor. Just like the other lamps in the IC Lights series, they emit a pleasant and soft light. Depending on the lightbulb you choose to purchase, you can choose to have either a warmer or cooler light.

The inspiration for IC Lights Ceiling/Wall 1 Outdoor and other lamps in the series is inspired by a person juggling balls with sticks. Hence the globe-shaped domes and rod-shaped uprights.

Brand Flos
Designer Michael Anastassiades
Width 20 cm
Hight 21.6 cm
Depth 28 cm
Effect (W) 8
Material Brass, Opal Glass
Article number 10643815
Color.: Black

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