Ipnos Top Plate

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Ipnos Top Plate is a table top designed by Nicoletta Rossi Guido Bianchi for Italian Flos in 2014. It is a translucent plate in methacrylate material designed to be placed on top of the Ipnos lamp. The top plate can support up to 5 kg and is adaptable for the Ipnos lamp in both indoor and outdoor models.

Rossi and Bianchi describe that by removing elements from the traditional lantern, the result was a simple metal box supported by various light sources, resulting in a stylish floor lamp. Ipons Top Plate further develops the floor lamp by creating a top plate with space for storage.

Brand Flos
Width 35 cm
Depth 35cm
Material Methacrylate
Article number 10306130

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks