Artisan Mela lounge high chair

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Varieties of upholstered seating furniture of perfectly curved lines provide inviting comfort and refined aesthetics. Like a comfortable soft shell, Mela envelops a space of relaxing sitting, ergonomically suited to the purpose and the user needs, thanks to proportional variations in height and width. The dominant seat and backrest volumes are upholstered and soft-filled, connected by a practical complementary interplay: the backrest follows and outlines the edge of the seat, adheres to it, creating a pleasing soft membrane. The compact and visually elegant solid wood structures complete the picture, encompassing and connecting the seat and the backrest, providing a sense of safety and beauty.

Material: American walnut
Seat: Remix 3 Revive 1 Torri Lana fabric seat

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks