THONET 214 K dining chair

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The renowned coffee house chair stands as an icon and holds the title of the most successful mass-produced product globally to date, marking the initiation of modern furniture history. Its foundation lies in a groundbreaking technique – the bending of solid wood – pioneered and perfected by Michael Thonet during the 1850s, marking the advent of serial furniture production. An ingenious distribution model further distinguished this chair: 36 disassembled chairs could be packed into a one cubic meter box, shipped worldwide, and then assembled on-site. With its clear, minimalist aesthetics, this classic has graced a myriad of settings for over 150 years.

In terms of sustainability, the wood for the 214 is responsibly sourced from managed forests. Its exceptional quality and timeless aesthetics contribute to its remarkable durability, allowing for easy repairs at any time. These qualities impressed the jury of the German Sustainability Award, leading to the recognition of this enduring model, which has withstood more than 160 years of evolving fashions and trends, as the winner in the Design category for 2021.
Frame: Ash coated with natural wood varnish

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