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The Thonet B9 Side Table, designed by Marcel Breuer, is a highly versatile design available in many variations and as a set. During his time at the Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer experimented with the materials steel and steel tubing. He did this by applying the principles for making wooden furniture to this new material. The proximity of the machine factories of Junkers in Dessau was very helpful in this regard. His first designs included the B9 table set, various wall shelves, and side furniture. The entire collection was included in the 'insertion book', the Thonet catalog from 1930/31. The B9 set tables were placed in the canteen of the Bauhaus building designed by Walter Gropius. Nowadays, these elegant designs come into their own in both residential and project furnishings.
Size: A:45X45X39
Frame: Chrome
Tabletop: Beech

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