Thonet S 220 Chair

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The established form of the iconic 214 and 209 bentwood chairs by Thonet served as inspiration for the design of Sam Hecht and Kim Colin from Industrial Facility: the S 220 stackable chair by Thonet is a material-efficient, stackable chair made of preformed plywood with an ergonomic seat shell and a light steel tube frame. With optional wooden armrests (model S 220 F), the chair can be used in various environments - from private homes to the contract sector - and is available in different wood types and colors. The wooden armrests are supplied in a similar shade as the seat shell.

The design of the chair pushes the boundaries of what is technically possible with preformed plywood, which has always been a driving force behind innovation at Thonet. The S 220 has a subtly organic shape and precise lines, and the preformed plywood shell is comfortable and supportive. The chair's elegant hourglass shape ensures that the seat shell provides just the right amount of support. A smoothly rounded front edge perfectly embodies the harmonious interplay of material quality, aesthetics, and functionality that is characteristic of the S 220. This "waterfall edge," as the designers call it, avoids pressure points, makes the chair more comfortable, and accommodates the rays of the steel tube frame. This makes it an ideal chair for hospitality settings. Prolonged sitting is no longer a discomfort but becomes a pleasurable experience.
Armrest: Without armrest
Seat color: Oak
Frame color: Chrome

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks