Thonet S 220 Stool

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Sam Hecht and Kim Colin (Industrial Facility) have translated the iconic design language of bentwood chairs 214 and 209 into a material-saving and stackable chair and stool made of curved laminated wood with an ergonomic seat shell on a frame of lightweight steel tubing. The seating furniture is versatile in use for both homes and project interiors, available in various wood types and color schemes. As with all Thonet innovations, this design pushes the boundaries of the technical possibilities of the material – in this case, bent laminated wood. The Thonet S 220 H stool is characterized by a subdued organic form and clean lines, while the curved laminated wood seat shell provides comfort and support. The elegant hourglass shape of the stool ensures that the seat shell moves comfortably with the sitter. The harmonious interplay of material quality, aesthetics, and functionality is perfectly expressed in the smoothly rounded front of the S 220 H. This 'waterfall edge,' as designers call it, prevents the formation of pressure points, enhances seating comfort, and aligns with the dimensions of the steel tube frame.
Seat color: Oak
Frame color: Chrome

Delivery time varies between 8 - 12 weeks