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The cantilever chair S 32, among the various tubular steel furniture models, stands out for its exceptional versatility. It seamlessly integrates into diverse design worlds, effortlessly complementing both uncompromisingly modern interior designs and eclectic mixes that celebrate different epochs and styles. The cantilever chair S 32, along with its armrest-equipped counterpart, the version S 64, holds a position as one of the most renowned tubular steel classics.

The enduring popularity of these chairs is a result of the captivating combination of old and new elements: Thonet’s longstanding tradition in crafting bentwood furniture with the characteristic Vienna wickerwork contrasts with the groundbreaking use of tubular steel. The seat and backrest, fashioned from bent solid wood with wickerwork, embody tradition, while the frame signifies the present and future of design. Their versatility has propelled these cantilever chairs to become bestsellers and maintain their popularity to this day.

Designed by Marcel Breuer during his time in Berlin in 1928, Thonet has been producing both the S 32 and S 64 models since 1930. Their aesthetic reduction and clarity, coupled with the lightness of airy wickerwork, make these classics seamlessly fit into diverse environments – from conference rooms and waiting areas to restaurants and private homes.

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