Thonet S 32 L lounge Chair

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The S 32 sled chair by Thonet (artistic copyright: Mart Stam) is one of the most popular and recognizable tubular steel furniture pieces, serving as a versatile design icon for various environments and styles. The S 32 Lounge combines architectural lines, distinctive design, and accommodating comfort. The resilience of its tubular steel construction is a crucial element in what makes it so comfortable. This new design blends the typical features of a sled chair with all the qualities of a lounge chair. To enhance its ergonomics, the seat has been widened (58 cm) and slightly tilted backward. The S 32 Lounge chair does not have armrests, creating a relaxed atmosphere without clear barriers to communication wherever it is used. With a seat height of 40 cm, the chair is the perfect companion for sofas, with the additional advantage of being lighter and more compact than an upholstered armchair. The tubular steel frame takes up little space, creating a transparent, open, and airy impression. The S 32 Lounge chair is not only the perfect addition to a relaxing lounge area but can also serve as a statement piece in coworking breakout spaces, elegant reception areas, or stylishly designed private homes.
Wood color: Beech nature
Frame color: Chrome

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