Thonet S 34 N Outdoor Chair

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These chairs are the first 'Freischwinger' models in furniture history. They were first used in 1927 in the 'Weißenhofsiedlung,' a residential area in Stuttgart, Germany. Starting in 1925, Mart Stam experimented with gas pipe tubes, which he connected with flanges. From this, he developed the principle of the cantilever chair that no longer relies on four legs. The restrained design became a significant construction principle in modern furniture history. Initially, the spring effect was not as crucial for Stam. He focused more on the sleek design that perfectly suited the modern buildings of that time.

The frame of the Thonet S 34 N chairs is made of colored steel tubes. They are upholstered with netweave in 12 colors. The armrests are made of solid beech or elastomer in black. The chairs are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use due to ThonetProtect® coating for the frames and UV-resistant netweave. Armrests are made of Iroko wood or elastomer.
Netweave color: Cherry
Frame color: Black
Upholstery armrests: Black (elastomer)

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