Thonet S 411 Armchair

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The Thonet S 411 lounge armchair is a true classic with a retro look. This leather-upholstered chair has a springy construction, providing it with a high level of seating comfort.

The prominent features of this armchair are elegance, timelessness, and exceptional seating comfort. In addition, it possesses a lightness that only a sled model can have. While the first tubular steel chairs from the 1920s were rarely upholstered, the Thonet catalog of 1935 presented a whole series of voluminously upholstered armchairs and sofas. Thonet's own design, the S 411, from the year 1932 likely marks the beginning of this new product series. Today, it is produced with high-quality upholstery.
Upholstering Color: Tortora
Frame color: Chromed
Arm rests: Oiled oak

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