Thonet S661 SPVDR Swivel chair

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In presenting Thonet's revival of the S 661, the company is reintroducing Günter Eberle’s award-winning design from the early 1950s in a range of different versions. The chair’s versatility and its efficient use of material make it the perfect all-rounder for dining areas and kitchens, living rooms and home offices, as well as public spaces such as restaurants and waiting areas. The molded plywood seat shell showcases the natural material, be it elegant walnut, warm oak, or natural or stained beech. The tubular steel frame is available with either a chrome-plated or powder-coated finish. Despite the minimalist shape and use of materials, the visible wood grain and soft curves lend the chair a homely look and give it a special presence in the room. The S 661 combines clear lines with a precise contour. Combining materials, in this case, molded plywood and tubular steel, is typical of Thonet. The range has been expanded with the swivel chair models S 661 Atelier (DR) and the barstools S 661 H.
Base: Aluminium
Seat shell: Beech varnished
Cover fabric: Leather

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